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The Gift of Life!

Life is a matchless gift, and a compilation of many seasons; each one differing from the other, all for the distinct purpose of enhancing who we are. Every season amazingly by design has its own assignment and expected end result. Sometimes, seasons overlap, sometimes they come rapidly and oftentimes to our dismay, they linger. There are productive seasons, seasons seemingly of regression, seasons of abase and abound, seasons where challenges exceed victories, and the most welcomed—seasons when opportunities and achievements appear never ending. As God ordains all authority, so does he ordain all seasons to perform his perfect work in us.


As believers, it is imperative that we both understand and appreciate the concept of seasons so as to capitalize on time, and to effectively and efficiently maneuver through life. We must always be discerning of and thankful for the season in which we find ourselves, while not becoming attached by the hip to the season, as it will change. Respectively, rather than expend pointless energy to go “against the grain” of our current experience, we should prayerfully and joyfully work within its context. To do otherwise, may prompt us to stop trusting, to dread change, and to stop taking good risks, which stunts growth and inevitably, brings our life to a standstill.


I have rendered an essential manual on the subject of seasons in this book, MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE’S SEASONS. The book is a wealth of practical applications on how to recognize periods of change and shifts in your life, and from that recognition; gain knowledge in preparation to successfully face life’s next seasons.

The book explains with precision the logistics of maximizing an experience, and using both its obstacles and successes to one’s advantage or potential.

MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE’S SEASONS is a must read for all believers. The rich information within its pages will serve as a guide to equip you in moving from season to season; evolving to that place in life, which God so desires for you. The time is right and the time is now. This is your time and season! Get your copy today at

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