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You are crafted for success

Endowed with seeds of greatness

Engineered with potential

Designed for accomplishments

- Dr. Steve Raj

About Steve

D. Steve Raj

Dr. Steve Raj, originally from Malaysia, has been in ministry since 1986 and served as an Assistant Pastor in Malaysia before joining Life International, Durham, NC. He received his Bachelors degree in Theology from Vision International University in Ramona, California and his Doctorate of Divinity in 2015. He is a published author of “Making the Most of Life’s Seasons”, a book that helps to navigate and maximize life to full potential.

Dr. Raj has served in the capacity of Associate Pastor, Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor at Life International for the past 17 years. He serves on the Advisory Council of the Office of Health Equity and Disparities, Duke Cancer Institute, and is an active part of the Faith Acts Partner Initiative, Durham Police Department.

He is an International Professional speaker and trainer in the arena of leadership, business and ministry. He is an astute businessman having owned several businesses and is actively involved in real estate industry. Married to Shanthi for over twenty three years, they reside in Morrisville, North Carolina.

“Betty Cao, President, RDU Toast Master – District 37

Everyone was intrigued how Steve could manage that and the important thing is that he did it with such tenacious quality in his speech. I was moved…

Marcus Plating

An exciting, inspirational and articulate speaker who is able to capture his audience's attention. His diverse background and associations enables him to deliver a relevant and timely message that helps the listener to understand and walk in purpose.


Steve is an authentic and genuine motivational speaker. He offers practical and thoughtful insight to help you make positive changes to your life.

Melissa Yeazel, Principal
Bunn High School, Bunn, NC

“Mr. Raj’s style immediately engaged the audience. His humor amused the students and staff alike, while simultaneously causing them to reflect on goals and dreams. By the end ofassembly, students were on their feet cheering.”

James White

Steve Raj is a very insightful and dynamic global motivational speaker. His passion and experience to empower others is truly electrifying. I have had the opportunity and privilege to be a part of numerous meetings and the results and outcome have been tremendous. Not only has my personal life and business reached a rich quality, I have seen the same effect on countless others from all across the world. I most definitely recommend him, because once you encounter one of his meetings, your life will never be the same!

Diana Graham

Phenomenal speaker! Ability to capture the audiences attention, maintain enthusiasm, and provide relevant practical information!

William Quick

Steve's passion and focus on his work has a profound impact on developing people and maximizing their potential. He illuminates his focal points and applies practical examples for "right now" use.. Definitely worth the experience!!

Michael Harris BS, CHSP

Steve Raj is a phenomenal speaker! He is able to articulate practical principles that speak directly to the heart of his listeners. His passion for Jesus and compassion for humanity is clearly displayed by the intimate connection he establishes with his audience.

Perry Maison

I have known and worked closely with Steve for the past 4yrs and can attest to his character and abilities. I have always found him to be dependable, courageous, dedicated, self motivated, goal oriented individual. He is excellent in whatever he works and tasks taken up. His willingness to handle and take up tough projects and focusing on the completion is amazing. He has a way with words and possess excellent leadership qualities. He is also known as conflict resolution "guru" and does it with ease and tact. He works hard and inspires us into greatness. This is the reason why I would strongly recommend him for any of his undertakings!


Crafted For Success Channel

Crafted For Success Channel

Crafted For Success Channel
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Healing Of Deep Wounds

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Wake County Public School System, HR Dept. Training Testimonial
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Wake County Public School System, HR Dept. Training Testimonial

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